The New Nissan Qashqai ePower at iMotors Letterkenny and Malin. 

Enjoy a thrilling electric driving adventure. Nissan e-POWER is a cutting-edge technology that offers drivers in cities a more responsive, quieter, and effective way to drive. There is no need for a plug when a battery is charged by a gasoline engine. The innovative Qashqai e-POWER technology goes beyond a conventional hybrid.
Nissan invented the crossover in 2007 with a hatchback's compactness and an SUV's utility. The Qashqai once again introduces a fresh perspective with its commanding posture, angular LED lighting, and enormous 20-inch alloy wheels all housed in an aerodynamic compact body.

Always the design pioneer, the Qashqai introduces a fresh perspective to the SUV with imposing proportions. You'll undoubtedly be noticed among the crowd
Nissan Qashqai Exterior
Featuring stunning LED lighting, enormous 20-inch alloy wheels, and svelte coupe-like lines. Choose the ideal Qashqai from a range of body colours, including the brand-new two-tone colour scheme. 

Nissan Qashqai Connectivity
There are many excellent connectivity features in the Nissan Qashqai. With connectivity, the world is at your fingertips or just a voice call away. Wireless charging technology and advanced smartphone connectivity make driving and staying connected simple.
Nissan Qashqai Interior
Nappa leather or driver and passenger seats that massage may make you swoon. Discover even more cargo space with its numerous flexible combinations. You may find it hard to resist once you see how roomy the interior is.