Adventure Awaits with our Nissan Accessory Offer

We have some great offers this month on Bike Carriers, Roof Boxes and Load carriers for J11 Qashqai, J12 New Qashqai, Juke, Micra and T32 X-Trail:
Bike Racks

Cycling is a fantastic method to include exercise into your daily work and leisure schedule. Multiple bikes can be transported over short and long distances using external bike racks without taking up valuable interior room in your vehicle. You can take the family on bicycle excursions without having to worry about putting bikes and other items into your car thanks to bike racks.

  • Micra - Standard Bike carrier + Load Carrier €317

  • Juke - Standard Bike Carrier + Juke Quickfix Load Carrier: €325

  • Qashqai - Standard Bike Carrier + Load Carrier Quickfix: €354

  • Qashqai - Standard Bike Carrier + QQ Crossbars: €308

  • X-Trail - Standard Bike Carrier + Load Carrier: €317

  • X-Trail - Standard Bike Carrier + Cross Bars: €317
Roof Box Offer:

The purpose of roof boxes is to provide extra storage space for items like sleeping bags, suitcases, sports bags, outdoor or camping gear, or even the occasional piece of sporting equipment! Check out these great Nissan accessories.

  • Small Roof Box (Black, quick fixing): €412

  • Medium Roof Box (Black, quick fixing, double opening): €462