A force of wonder

Nissan Models

Futuristic design on the horizon

ARIYA is the stunning expression of Nissan’s new vision. A single horizon line replaces fussy contours. Thin LED headlights shine at night, then disappear during the day. The final touch? A new illuminated badge to light the way forward.

It’s not an interior, it’s a living room

Please come in. Nissan ARIYA is refreshingly open, so you can breathe and relax. If you want a few extra inches, slide the center console back. The flat floor adds to the spacious feel, while the glowing lantern creates a serene ambience.

Nissan - Ariya
Experience a new way to move

Spend a day with Nissan ARIYA. Take a virtual drive to see how you'll feel thrilled, at ease, in control.

Drive your way

Feel more at ease. Driver assist technologies give you different levels of control. Highway traffic? Get a helping hand. Tight space? Let Ariya take over.

Unexpected thrill

With e-4orce, Ariya’s Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive acts like two rockets, distributing up to 100% power to the front or rear wheels. Power that gives you precise control for all-climate traction and cornering. e-Pedal builds on the thrill with one pedal driving.